It's easy to see why the Subaru Crosstrek is among the most popular compact crossovers in its class. In the driver's hands, the Crosstrek is smooth, responsive, and powerful. The Crosstrek has plenty of other qualities to recommend it in the safety and design categories. Here are two that really impress our team.

Extra Eyes on the Road

EyeSight is a Subaru safety feature that scans and monitors the entire road around your SUV, keeping track of traffic movement. EyeSight issues warnings in the event of unintentional lane drifting and, combined with Lane Keep Assist, can utilize cruise control for enhanced efficiency and help you return to your lane.

A Strong Body of Work

The Subaru Global Platform accounts for the Crosstrek's high-strength steel body. It's a body built for maximum sturdiness and longevity. The steel absorbs vibration, keeping your Concord commute or off-road adventure as quiet and smooth as possible.

Pop into our dealership, and slide into the Crosstrek driver's seat today with a test drive.


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