If you're looking forward to purchasing a vehicle, it can be an exciting event. Getting approved for an auto loan shouldn't put a damper on your purchase. We've helped many of our customers from Concord, NH get approved quickly and easily. We're providing you with some basic information to explain the process.

When you apply for an auto loan, your credit file and income information are reviewed to determine your creditworthiness. Most lenders offer subprime loan options for those with credit issues from the past. Your interest rate and APR are based on many factors including the amount of your down payment and your employment history.

We're typically able to gauge how the lenders will view your loan request to provide you with a reasonable expectation of the anticipated outcome. Once we're able to secure financing, we'll have you well on your way to enjoying your vehicle. Get in touch with Ed Reilly Subaru to see just how easily we can get you approved, today.

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