When a car recall is issued for your make and model, you may be wondering if you’re in danger or what you should do next. Can you go to any dealer? If you receive a notice, you can head straight to Ed Reilly Subaru for fast service and repairs in Concord, NH. However, if you don’t receive a notice, you are still eligible for a repair, replacement parts, or even compensation through your auto manufacturer as the company is obligated to fix your vehicle.

The recall notice is typically sent within 10-14 days of the defect being found by the auto manufacturer or NHTSA. Inside, you’ll find all of the instructions needed to fix your vehicle. The notice should also provide you with a detailed description of the recalled part or problem, as well as any hazards and warning signs you might see.

Not all cars are affected by the defect, but if you receive a notice or are on the list, you should have your car checked immediately.

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