Prevent Bicyclist Injuries: Drive Safe and Alert

More and more bicycles are sharing the road with motor vehicles. Unfortunately, that also means a rise in bicyclist injuries, some of them life-threatening. As a motorist, there are things you can do to keep bicyclists, and yourself, safe on the road.

Drive safe and alert. Avoid distractions like talking or texting on your cell phone, putting on makeup, or eating as you're driving. Always keep an eye out for bicyclists while driving. Slow down and drive the speed limit. It makes it easier to notice a bicycle up ahead and slow down accordingly.

You need three feet between you and the bicycle to pass safely. If you don't have the room to pass safely, don't. The bicyclist has the right to use the entire lane. Wait until you reach a safe spot. Keeping yourself safe involves keeping your car in good condition with the help of the service department at Ed Reilly Subaru in Concord, NH.

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