You've probably seen the timing belt; you know it spins around, but do you know what it does? It's okay if you don't. Ed Reilly Subaru is here to help you learn about this important component of your vehicle's performance.

A Closer Look at the Belt

The only purpose of the timing belt is to make sure the crankshaft and camshaft are in sync. This is something your vehicle needs because it's how the valves and pistons work together.

What Can Happen Without the Belt

You can hear when a belt is on its way out; you may hear a shrieking sound, and that is not good news. Your car can stop in the middle of a crowded intersection in Concord, or it could cause unbelievable damage to the engine.


Read your manual, and find out how often the automaker said the belt should be changed. You are probably going to be asked to change it when you reach 60,000 to 100,00 miles.

Talk to our service department. We are here to help you and eager to talk about your timing belt.



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