Motor Oil Changes for Low-Mileage Vehicles

Most drivers are aware of the importance of regular oil and filter changes, but a wealth of confusing information can make it hard to determine how frequently to tackle this necessary task. The team at Ed Reilly Subaru is ready to advise you on how often to change your vehicle’s oil and filter, and we invite you to visit our showroom in Concord, NH to learn more.

Oil change recommendations are generally based upon the number of miles that a vehicle is driven, but it’s critical to remember that motor oil is a perishable product that may reach the end of its useful life before a specific mileage is achieved if you don’t drive every day.

If you have a second vehicle, farm truck, classic car or any other seldom-used auto, consult your owner’s manual or the motor oil’s product label for guidance on how often to change your oil.

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